Welcome to ISoc: A Home for Muslims at Cambridge University

This is our awesome, new and improved website. Please feel free to take a look around, and do contact us if you notice any bugs or typos etc.

What is ISoc?

ISoc was created to serve the spiritual and academic needs of Muslim students, and, most importantly, to foster feelings of brotherhood and sisterhood amongst each other. The result is a vibrant and inclusive society which is based on our mutual beliefs and strengthened by our friendship. Remember, everyone is welcome , whether you are Muslim, interested in Islam or simply looking for a friendly face! Our aims are as follows:
  • To bring together all Muslims regardless of race, gender or sect into our community
  • To promote the ideals of Islam in the University and provide a platform where inter-faith links can be forged and interesting issues discussed
  • To provide help and support for anyone who needs it – current students, alumni, applicants, and even the general public
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A selection of photos from our various events